Know Your Rights As A Criminal Defendant

In a criminal defense case, some laws and procedures need to be adhered to. What we see in films, is just a small part of what an attorney has to do. His/her responsibilities are much more than just convincing a court of law that his/her client is innocent. When you are charged with a crime, a lawyer who knows his job will try hard to get you out on bail while your case is running.

criminal defendant

If you get accused of a crime or already arrested, then please call a criminal defense lawyer. You’ve got rights since you are a potential criminal defendant. The Constitution provides you with certain important and guaranteed rights which will make certain you can get a proper criminal defense. As a criminal defendant, your rights include:

The right to have counsel

Probably the most vital of these rights will be the right to representation by a lawyer. This right to have your lawyer present when you are being asked questions is a guaranteed right, even for those defendants who cannot afford to employ a lawyer. The court will appoint an attorney on your behalf if cannot financially hire your own.

The right to remain silent

The right to remain silent goes on to be given its fair share of press in movies and tv shows, and with many reasons. You’ve got the basic right to avoid saying anything to police investigators, prosecutors, among others. Should you say anything, it can be used against you in the courtroom. You do not need to speak to anyone or say anything, even if you are being detained. It is important that you avoid talking so as to “set the record straight,” which is a foolhardy move that many defendants make – and this winds up with self-incrimination. Just be sure you always do your speaking using your criminal attorney.

The right to effective assistance of counsel

To put it simply, choosing a reputable criminal attorney who’s got experience in representing the same sort of criminal defendants is a smart move which can help you protect this right.
You will have the right to a speedy trial. Your lawyer is going to be dealing with the court system to help your case to go along to enable you to get back to your normal life.

You maintain the right to have a trial by a jury of your peers

It’s notable that this right doesn’t extend to juvenile criminal cases.

The right to an impartial jury

If the case has to head to trial, your experienced criminal lawyer will go through your jury selection process with your interests in mind.

The right to confront any witnesses and cross-examine them

Anyone who testifies against you in a court of law must be accessible for cross-examination by your lawyer.

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